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Buy Tonka Trucks Online ((NEW))

The Tonka Chuck and Friends series has a great line of playsets for the youngest members of your family, as they feature fun and exciting characters with their own names and personalities. The standard Tonka trucks are available for children who are interested in different types of vehicles.

buy tonka trucks online

Tonka vintage diecast vehicles are designed with practical hardware, so you can operate these Tonka toys like a typical automobile by rolling the wheels or by adjusting a strategic mechanism. Tonka makes toy trucks from different industries, and each Tonka truck has specific features that highlight paint, chrome elements, and other exterior design components. These Tonka vintage vehicles are manufactured in a variety of sizes.

Never mind the kids. It's their parents the folks at toymaker Funrise are going after with these life-size promotional trucks like the 10,000-pound Tonka T-Rex. The Van Nuys, Calif.-based company takes them to events like the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, where souped-up trucks (some sponsored by Tonka) chew up hilly tracks at insane speeds. The hope is that they'll inspire nostalgic adults who remember pushing Tonka trucks in the sandbox to buy pint-size versions for their little ones.

It seems to be working: Tonka sales are up 63% since 2011, says Funrise, which licensed the manufacturing and distribution rights from Hasbro in 1998. Originally made from steel at a Minnesota factory, Tonka trucks have been imported from Asia for the last couple of decades. But there's a surprising twist to the story: Now the new Chinese chief executive of Funrise is exploring how to make at least a few Tonka trucks in the United States.

But manufacturing Tonka trucks domestically is a much tougher challenge. Tonka has hundreds of steel, die-cast, plastic and motorized vehicles in its portfolio, most of them made in Vietnam. Production is very labor-intensive--whether it's painting toy trucks or affixing them securely to the packaging. Funrise is in talks with multiple American manufacturers about the potential for building Tonka products. "There are still factories left in the U.S. that want to do this," says vice president of product development Kevin Bloomfield. A year ago it didn't look viable. "But it's starting to add up. The technology is getting better and more efficient. The business is different today." He adds: "The push from Walmart is so huge. You need big quantities for it to make sense." The company is still exploring alternatives, but one option under review is a simple injection-molded toy that snaps together. 041b061a72


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