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Medivision Gold Retail Software Crack

MediVision Gold Retail Software: A Review

If you are looking for a software solution to manage your medical, pharmacy or drug store business, you might have come across MediVision Gold Retail software. This software is specially developed for the medical retail industry, covering all aspects of point of sales, inventory management, accounting and online billing. But is it worth investing in this software? What are its features, benefits and drawbacks? In this article, we will review MediVision Gold Retail software and help you decide if it is the right choice for your business.


What is MediVision Gold Retail Software?

MediVision Gold Retail software is a product of Allied Softech Pvt. Ltd., a company that has been providing software solutions for the pharmacy industry since 1997. MediVision Gold Retail software is designed to cater to the specific needs of medical, pharmacy and drug store owners, who deal with a variety of products, customers and regulations. The software aims to make the business process faster, easier and more profitable by offering features such as barcode scanning, expiry handling, online ordering, data exchange, bulk SMS, online support and more. The software also integrates billing and accounting functions, eliminating the need for separate software or manual entries. The software can also export financial data to Tally, a popular accounting software in India.

What are the Features of MediVision Gold Retail Software?

MediVision Gold Retail software offers a range of features to help you run your medical retail business smoothly and efficiently. Some of the key features are:

  • Point of Sales: The software allows you to handle multiple customers on the same interface, without switching windows. You can also view similar products, product photos, scanned prescriptions and expiry alerts while making sales. The software supports shortcut keys, barcode scanning and printing, multiple payment modes, discounts and schemes, customer loyalty programs and more.

  • Inventory Management: The software helps you to manage your stock levels, reorder points, purchase orders, purchase bills, stock transfers, stock adjustments and more. You can also handle expired products, non-moving and slow-moving products, multiple MRP products and similar drugs. The software also provides data exchange facility between retailers and wholesalers for automatic feeding of purchase bills.

  • Accounting: The software integrates billing and accounting functions in one system, saving you time and money. You can manage your cash book, bank book, ledger accounts, trial balance, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and more. You can also generate GST reports, e-way bills, TDS reports and other statutory reports. The software can also export financial data to Tally for accounting finalization.

  • Online Billing: The software enables you to generate online bills for your customers using MV Web Server. You can also send SMS or email notifications to your customers with the bill details. The online billing feature also helps you to comply with the e-invoicing mandate by the government of India.

  • Online Support: The software provides online support through chat, email and remote access. You can also get telephonic support through the dedicated call center of Allied Softech. The company claims to have a high customer satisfaction rate and a low response time.

What are the Benefits of MediVision Gold Retail Software?

MediVision Gold Retail software offers several benefits to medical retail business owners. Some of the benefits are:

  • Easy to Use: The software is very simple to use and does not require any computer knowledge. You can get started within a few minutes by downloading the setup online anytime. The software also provides user-friendly interfaces, menus and reports that make it easy to navigate and operate.

  • Cost-Effective: The software is affordable and offers a good return on investment. You can save money by avoiding separate software for billing and accounting. You can also save time by automating various tasks such as purchase order generation, purchase bill entry, stock management, GST filing and more.

  • Secure: The software is secure and reliable. It protects your data from unauthorized access or manipulation by using encryption and password protection. It also provides backup and restore options to prevent data loss. You can also access your data from anywhere using the online billing feature.

  • Compliant: The software is compliant with the latest rules and regulations of the government and the industry. It helps you to follow the GST norms, e-invoicing mandate, narcotic and H1 drug alerts, barcode standards and more. It also provides regular updates and patches to keep up with the changing requirements.

What are the Drawbacks of MediVision Gold Retail Software?

MediVision Gold Retail software is not without its drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • Limited Customization: The software does not offer much customization options to suit your specific business needs. You have to use the predefined features, reports and formats that may not match your preferences or requirements.

  • Limited Integration: The software does not integrate well with other software or platforms that you may use for your business. For example, you cannot import or export data from other software such as Excel, Word, Google Sheets, etc. You also cannot use other online services such as payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, etc.

  • Limited Scalability: The software may not be able to handle the growing needs of your business as you expand or diversify. You may face issues such as slow performance, data overload, compatibility issues, etc. You may also have to upgrade your hardware or software to keep up with the increasing demands.


MediVision Gold Retail software is a software solution that is specially developed for medical retail business owners. It offers features such as point of sales, inventory management, accounting, online billing and online support. It also offers benefits such as ease of use, cost-effectiveness, security and compliance. However, it also has drawbacks such as limited customization, integration and scalability. Therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons of this software before deciding to invest in it. You should also compare it with other software solutions available in the market and choose the one that best suits your business needs and goals.


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