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Sex Education - Season 1

Maeve is dealing with some pretty heavy issues when the season starts. She's living in a trailer park alone; she doesn't have any reliable friends or family; and she's in a secret relationship with star athlete Jackson.

Sex Education - Season 1


Over the course of the show she starts officially dating Jackson, while growing closer to Otis and popular girl Aimee. Maeve slowly becomes happier, but her drug-dealing brother returning throws a wrench in all that. He causes a rift to form between Maeve and Jackson, and though he disappears by the end of the season, the damage is done. Maeve breaks up with Jackson, takes the fall for her brother's drugs that are found at the dance, and ends Season 1 facing suspension. After the dance, Maeve also realizes she has feelings for Otis, only to see him making out with Ola.

It's all a bit heartbreaking, but Maeve is still moving in a positive direction. She still finally gains some self confidence and proudly tells her teachers that she knows she's smart, and that she wants to better her own life. She ends the season single, but with a new bestie, Aimee.

Jackson is an affable swim team jock, but underneath the smiles we learn that he suffers greatly from anxiety, and is being crushed under the expectations of the headteacher and his own parents. Alongside Adam's, Jackson's ending is probably the most somber one. He genuinely falls in love with Maeve during the season, but she breaks up with him after he confesses he paid Otis for tips.

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Unfortunately for Eric, Adam has been sent to the army, ending that story momentarily for now. I suspect in season 2, Adam will have to accept his identity just like Eric has had to in season 1, and now he looks comfortable within himself.

Before we move on to Otis, his mother Jean (Gillian Anderson) finally gives in to her stubbornness which she displays all season, admitting to liking the plumber that has visited her house several times and apologizing to her son for being controlling and writing a book about his repressed sexual ways. I expect in season 2 the pair manage to bond as mother and son.

However, Sex Education has experienced massive turnover since the end of Season 3 as the show attempts to pivot into a longer-running ensemble-type series and its original core cast reaches graduation age. For example, viewers already knew going in Season 4 would be actor Ncuti Gatwa's last, both because his character, Eric, is a senior and because the actor is moving on to Doctor Who. Mackey was initially uncertain to return for Season 4 due to heading to an American Ivy League until the first photos from the new season confirmed her return. However, Mackey told interviewers on the red carpet that it would be her last on the program.

Season 4 of Sex Education will again star Asa Butterfield as Otis, with Gillian Anderson (The Crown) as his mother. Along with Gatwa, Mackey, and Wood, original cast Connor Swindells (Rogue Heroes), Kedar Williams-Stirling (Small Axe), Alistair Petrie (Sherlock), Samantha Spiro (Game of Thrones), and Mimi Keene (Before) will be back. Also returning from previous seasons: George Robinson (Dalgliesh), Chinenye Ezeudu (The School for Good & Evil), and singer Dua Saleh. New faces include Thaddea Graham (The Irregulars), Alexandra James (The Break), and Marie Reuther (Seaside Hotel), plus newcomers Imani Yahshua, Felix Mufti, and Anthony Lexa.

Ezra Furman's music is a vital part of Sex Education's soundtrack, with songs like "Love You So Bad," "I Can Change" and "Devil Or Angel" featuring across Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix show. Furman is such a part of the Sex Education world, in fact, that he cameoed in its first season as the singer at the school prom.

In February 2019, Netflix renewed Sex Education for a second season that was released on 17 January 2020.[1] The second season was released on Netflix on 17 January 2020. The third season of the series was officially announced on February 10, 2020.[2][3] It was released on September 17, 2021.[4] On September 25, 2021, Netflix announcement at its fan event TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event that the series was renewed for a fourth season.[5]

The Netflix original series Sex Education depicts students navigating the awkward and tricky times of adolescence. Season 1 debuted in January 2019 with raging success. Following the major kiss cliffhanger conclusion, fans anticipated a second season to tie up loose ends. Sex Education Season 2 was released in January 2020, bringing with it the same honesty and eccentricity that it did in Season 1, with enjoyable characters new and old.

Sex Education has mature content but for those of the appropriate age, it is a must-see. Sex Education not only reveals the harmful effects of poor sex education in schools, but provides teens with vital information. On top of all this, the show is fast-paced and never gets boring, with hilarious and heart-wrenching lines dispersed throughout both seasons. Season 2 was a success, and fans now excitedly await Season 3, announced February 10th, 2020. 041b061a72


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