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Another Round BEST

Have wanted to check this out for months after seeing that still of Mads circulating around film Twitter. After already loving pretty much everything about it, the final 5 minutes left me on probably my favorite ending of the year. Ahh! The backbone of this is the chemistry between these four men, who all have unique stories relating to alcohol that feel fully fleshed out by the end. Mads delivers, without a doubt, my favorite performance of the year. As of now! And the use of music throughout is working perfectly.

Another Round

The override feature is available in basically every hospital that utilizes ADCs and is a function used every day to obtain specific medications when a delay in treatment could impact patient care. Most often, these are emergent or urgent medications. However, the override feature may also be necessary for other medications and solutions in facilities that do not provide 24-hour pharmacy services. In many hospitals, both midazolam and vecuronium (or another neuromuscular blocker) are available via override for urgent or emergent use when needed. The hospital where RaDonda worked allowed nurses to remove certain medications via override, and it is highly likely that, prior to this event, midazolam and vecuronium had been removed from an ADC via override in this hospital. Also, it is unlikely that nurses, including RaDonda, perceived a significant or unjustifiable risk with obtaining medications via override. In fact, removing certain medications from an ADC via override is an accepted risk in healthcare and one that many practitioners take to provide care to their patients.

For a complete account of the many system vulnerabilities that contributed to a nurse accidentally administering IV vecuronium instead of Versed (midazolam) to a patient, please see our January 17, 2019 newsletter article, Safety enhancements every hospital must consider in wake of another tragic neuromuscular blocker event.5 Below is a short summary of some of the many system vulnerabilities present on the day of the event that contributed to the error.

Vinterberg gave one of the most touching speeches of the evening, dedicating the win to his daughter Ida. She was an inspiration behind the formation of the film and was set to play the daughter of the protagonist (Mikkelsen). Four days into filming, she was killed in a car crash. Vinterberg dedicated the Oscar to her and now has another opportunity to further honor her legacy. The film won BAFTA and many other honors, and Vinterberg was also Oscar nominated in the Best Director category.

Based on information obtained by Coverager, Loop Insurance has made another round of layoffs that impacted 19 employees, about 25% of the workforce. Last year the startup made similar cuts.

Gabe McKenna, public safety superintendent for California State Parks, said several parks and trails were closed Tuesday. These included the coastal campgrounds of New Brighton and Sunset beaches, Wilder Ranch State Park, Natural Bridges State Beach, Lighthouse Field, the Forest of Nisene Marks, Manresa State Beach, Upper Sunset Beach, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Castle Rock State Park and Palm Beach State Park. 041b061a72


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