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And when he was living in Cuba, he continued to make his political views heard. Songs like Sue Me, about his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, and Freedom Man were both timely and timely-reeking of the Cuban revolution. His last album, Jamaican Pirate, was a tribute to Bob Marley. (That album was later released on iTunes with the song Smile Repatriated from the defunct Smile Jamaica Benefit Group.)

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Hibbert's 1998 album No Sleep 'til Kingston (Big Mouth Records) showed his disposition toward '68 as a "deeply agitated time". (The next year, Kingston would become the site of the first Urban Guerrilla War.) In his memoir, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Prison, Hibbert recalled a favorite saying of his mother's: "don't be scared; don't run from the fight". In his songs, he kept to the latter advice: "Song of the Tall Man" epitomized it, based on a prison riot that he and a friend caused using weapons that his friend had put in his car. (The voices of "we" and "they" in the song are that of they friends.) Still, he shied from making his political views explicit. He was more politic when making fun of politicians, and still made a point of being linked to a police raid by William Blum. He did make an album of cover songs, Road Songs (1996), that expressed his political views, most notably on the Tilt-A-Whirl of "Danny Boy" from King Billy's Men.

And Hibbert continued to do so even while living with Hepatitis C. Just a few songs later were the anthems, I'll Fight, They Can Take Everything from Me and Soon. (A live album, All That I Can, that included one of his last originals, Everglade. Released on iTunes in 2001, it would become his last album. Following its unexpected, and to Hibbert's devastation, eventual death, a corporation owned by David Bowie released the album in 2003 with a cover of the song I'll Fight. Before David Crosby covered the original on his Rest of My Life album, Hibbert's version was the only one available on iTunes.)


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