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Download Download Master 1697 Zip ((INSTALL))

Step1: Input github url to the field at the top-right.Step2: Press enter or click download for download zip directly or click search for view the list of sub-folders and files.Step3: Click "Download Zip File" or "Get File" button to get files.

Download download master 1697 zip

It is conceivable that a Git front-end (e.g. GitHub's web interface, or gitweb) could choose to provide an interface for you to extract a given folder, but to my knowledge none of them do that (though they do let you download individual files, so if the folder does not contain too many files, that is an option)

If you truly just want to just "download" the folder and not "clone" it (for development), the easiest way to simply get a copy of the most recent version of the repository (and therefore a folder/file within it), without needing to clone the whole repo or even install git in the first place, is to download a zip archive (for any repo, fork, branch, commit, etc.) by going to the desired repository/fork/branch/commit on GitHub (e.g. http(s):// for a copy of the files as they were after a specific commit) and selecting the Downloads button near the upper-right.

This archive format contains none of the git-repo magic, just the tracked files themselves (and perhaps a few .gitignore files if they were tracked, but you can ignore those :p) - that means that if the code changes and you want to stay on top, you'll have to manually re-download it, and it also means you won't be able to use it as a git repository...

None of the answers helped in my situation. If you are developing for Windows, you likely don't have svn. In many situations one can't count on users to have Git installed either, or don't want to download entire repositories for other reasons. Some of the people that answered this question, such as Willem van Ketwich and aztack, made tools to accomplish this task. However, if the tool isn't written for the language you are using, or you don't want to install a third party library, these don't work.

However, there is a much easier way. GitHub has an API that allows you to download a single file or an entire directory's contents using GET requests. You can access a directory using :owner/:repo_name/contents/:path that returns a JSON object enumerating all the files in the directory. Included in the enumeration is a link to the raw content of the file, the download_url parameter. The file can then be downloaded using that URL.

For whatever reason, the svn solution does not work for me, and since I have no need of svn for anything else, it did not make sense to spend time trying to make it, so I looked for a simple solution using tools I already had. This script uses only curl and awk to download all files in a GitHub directory described as "/:user:repo/contents/:path".

This command-line script calls that REST API using curl and sends the result through AWK, which filters out all but the "download_url" lines, erases quote marks and commas from the links, and then downloads the links using another call to curl.

These files are hosted on GitHub under resources folder and each time the you drop the honeybee_honeybee component on canvas it checks to ensure these resources are available, otherwise it tries to download them from GitHub.

Sorry for being late to this issue. The reason why that folder is needed is that OpenStudio stopped distributing the full version of E+ a few months ago (now, they only distribute the parts of E+ that are being actively used by the OpenStudio interface). However, Honeybee relies on the full version of E+ so we had to download in the background the E+ files that HB uses but OpenStudio no longer distributes.

Thank you very much @chrisI downloaded the folder and copied it in the address you mentioned.But still does not work!I use the last version of Openstudio (I uninstalled and reinstalled it today again).It has been installed in the default folder of the installation procedure.I attached the screenshots which show what I did. 041b061a72


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