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Download Playlist 257 M3u

As you can see, the first check is for a file scheme, at that point you get unceremoniously sent to the logic that handles actual media files. HLS playlist handling is triggered by a later check for file extension .m3u8 but by that point it's too late, your local file has matched the previous condition and sent to the wrong place. You could argue this is a bug and file it as such, although it is a bit of an edge-case.

Download playlist 257 m3u

The downside of this approach is that you cannot watch the video while downloading, well you can open yet another FF or Chrome, but it seems that mplayer cannot process the video output till youtube-dl/ffmpeg are running.

I recommend you use yt-dlp instead of youtube-dl. It's a fork off of youtube-dl and is much better-maintained and works much better. In the cases where youtube-dl gives me errors, yt-dlp works just fine. Also, in cases where youtube-dl downloads at 42 KiB/sec (which includes pretty much every time I use it--including 19 Dec. 2022 on Ubuntu 22.04), yt-dlp downloads at 86 MiB/sec, which is 2100x faster, again, as tested on Ubuntu 22.04 seconds ago.

The solution then is to simply not pass any argument, just youtube-dl -to-the-stream.m3u8 and it will automatically download the best quality video stream and merge it transparently with the best audio stream via ffmpeg (tested on Windows 10).

tired of manually updating my huge mp3/mp4 DB each time i add new files on my computer and/or smartphone, so i'm looking for some help to create a batch file that create/update all my playlists .m3u automatically. 041b061a72


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