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Remembering our old ways

Understanding deeply
Walking gently


The Gentle Warrior's Journey

As the rain fell, a gentle warrior sat by the fire, feeling the warmth. Exhausted and overwhelmed, he had carried so much weight for far too long. Yet, in this moment, he was not alone. A circle of spirits surrounded him, their faces glowing by the flickering flames, each one smiling with deep love and understanding.

The warrior had always been the rock for others. But tonight, under the night sky, he allowed himself to let go, to feel. He let down his guard, embraced his wounds, and felt the raw and immense pain of a young boy who had to grow up too fast.

Here, in this sacred space, he found the courage to sit, knowing he was gathering in love and acceptance. He realised that the answers were here the whole time, that the path of finding balance, purpose, and freedom would be inspired by unlearning and remembering who we really are. In that moment of stillness and connection,  he began feeling lighter. Something he had not felt in a very long time.

As he sat by the fire, he honoured his journey – a path marked by adapting and surviving, highs and lows, moments of great pain and moments of great courage, resilience, and strength. Each step had brought him wisdom and a deeper understanding of himself.
It had led him here, sitting by the fire, being sung to by the land, and sitting with the old ones.

With a deep breath, he felt the warmth of the fire and the limitless strength of his connection to Ancestors and land. He was ready to embrace healing, to embark on a journey of unlearning. Together, they would walk this path, guided by the light of the fire and the wisdom of those who came before.

And so, under the rain and the comforting warmth of the fire, the gentle warrior found a new place within himself.

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