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We pay respect to our Ancestors and Traditional Custodians of the land that we live, work, and raise our new generation. The old ones are still with us, in all we see, in all we do. We show our respect by being custodians to land and each other.

We walk gently.... we listen.... we feel.... we stay connected. We remember who they were and the values they passed down for thousands of years. We remember that ourselves and land is one in the same. We remember what is real, and what is really valuable.

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$50 Prize

We need a new logo for the Young Ones Knowledge Group.

Closes April 10th at midnight.

Send your design to

Include your name, contact, and tell us a little about your artwork and what it means.

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Join the Team

This is your chance to be heard, to learn new skills, and create change for your friends, your family, for you and your Community.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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Strength through connection, sharing knowledge, and respecting story. 

"Yindyamarra" walk gently 

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Identity Connections delivers trauma and healing education, cultural safety and wellbeing, and a new understanding of 'old ways of being' that can support you personally and professionally. Our Wellbeing Specialist Facilitators support organisations and individuals strengthen themselves, their workplace, and their community.

Sharing knowledge and story while rebuilding connections with land and spirit. We find we can rediscover strength within ourselves and each other, and if we keep connecting and learning, we may just begin healing as a whole community. We hope to make your experience in one of our learning circles memorable. Walking gently and purposely with new knowledge, respect, and understanding.

Our dream is to see our young ones happy, strong, confident, and unafraid. We want our young ones to have a deep sense of identity, belonging, and understanding. Strong within themselves. We want families together, each family member with the capacity and ability to reach out for support and give support.

Community being healed by the strength, resilience, joy and wisdom already within the community. Trusting ourselves again, unlearning ways that have distorted what is important, and what is possible.

Allow us to sit, to yarn, to learn, and move forward together.

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Isolation and lack of social connectedness is a real concern. We are helping rebuild strength in community by running local events consistently, for those of different ages and interest. We give families and individuals opportunities to stay connected, to learn, and find new connections. Local youth and community member committees guide projects and events. If you are interested in being involved please contact us.

Face to Face and Online Learning Circles are beginning in December 2021 to help our community reconnect. Check out our Events page for upcoming events!

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When we connect with nature
We reconnect with ourselves
We suddenly realise ...

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